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Engine Detail

2 Door Auto            $ 100

4 Door Auto            $ 105

Small SUV/Truck    $ 110

Large SUV/Truck    $ 120

As with every package we exert meticulous care in rejuvenating your vehicle's engine bay to its most capable state of newness.  The specific detail for this package is as follows:


Engine compartment, hood and hood silencer is deep cleaned utilizing a high foaming, pH neutral cleaning foam along with a highly concentrated, phosphate and solvent-free, alkaline universal cleaner. The engine compartment is treated with absolute care utilizing a fine boar hairbrush to address dirt and grim deposits. Due to its pH neutral


formula, the cleaning agent used does not corrode waxed or sealed surfaces. The engine compartment is then provided a naturally shiny, water-displacing conserver treatment for engines, housing parts, rubber hoses and power units of cars, commercial vehicles, etc., that also has a pleasant fragrance. Treated parts regain their new appearance with dirt repelling properties and protection from corrosion and environmental factors.

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