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About Us

Mission and Objective:

Our mission is to create a full-service mobile vehicle detail experience committed to two specific principles.  First, we deeply believe that our primary objective is to work tirelessly to earn and keep our customer's trust.  To achieve that end we insist on having a healthy obsession with customer satisfaction.   Without you, there is no us.  Second, we believe in having relentlessly high standards.  We seek to continually raise the bar and deliver a high-quality service and customer experience.  While our service offerings vary—our ultimate purpose is to provide a comprehensive automotive concierge service. If you have fallen out of love with your vehicle we believe we can get you to fall back in love with it.  If you are in love with your vehicle, we strive to ensure it stays that way.


The Brand:

As you navigate our website you will notice a re-occurring theme, one that pays homage to the periodic table of elements.  While this theme does offer a creative take on how we market our services to our customers, there is a much deeper meaning behind the brand.  Fundamentally, we believe the Detail Element is the missing element for your vehicle's detail needs.


A little on the Founder/Owner:

I am a Southern California native.  I have lived, received my education, and worked here most of my life.  I hold an undergraduate degree from California State University, San Bernardino and a Graduate degree from the University of Redlands. My professional career experience is largely comprised of Operations related roles leading large teams within complex and fast paced environments.  In 2021, I retired from Corporate America and started Detail Element.   

So, why auto detailing? Well, three reasons really. First, I have a healthy passion for the automobile and love of detailing vehicles.  There is something magical about when you first get into a freshly cleaned and detailed vehicle.  I find fulfillment in recreating that feeling for others. Second, I have a deep appreciation for process.  Surprisingly auto detailing is rich with process.  There is a healthy and expansive rabbit hole to be discovered and appreciated.  In fact, this aspect of the discipline inspired our tagline "Because Details Matter."   Third, the definition of retirement isn't what most think. While I may have retired from Corporate America I still have a deep desire to materially and positively impact those around me through my WORK. 

So, these reasons are the sources of inspiration behind Detail Element. Thank you for stopping by.  If given the opportunity, I look forward to bringing order to a small part of your world. 

Respectfully yours,

Timothy Lee

​Chief Detail Concierge

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