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We are a full-service mobile detailer servicing cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, 5th Wheels, and commercial vehicles within the Inland Empire, LA County and Orange County California. 


We believe time is your most precious resource. Because your time is priceless, we come to you. 

Our services are organized into 5 categories: Wash, Detail, Correct, Protect and Maintain.  More specifically, we offer interior/exterior wash packages, complete interior, exterior and engine bay details, paint correction and ceramic coating.  If you are require ongoing and reliable maintenance, we have you covered.  If you want a custom package, we will create one for you that meets your needs.

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Engine Bay Cleaning,

Premium Exterior Pre-Wash,

Premium Exterior Hand Wash,

Iron Decontamination,

Clay Bar Decontamination,

Ceramic or Graphene Wax,

Ceramic or Graphene Sealant,

Exterior Wheel Dressing,

Tire Dressing,

Exterior Trim Dressing,

Deep Interior Cleaning,

Carpet Cleaning,

Center Console,

Dashboard Cleaning,

Door Panel Cleaning,

Deep Leather Cleaning

Leather Conditioning,

Interior Shampoo,

Interior Dressing,

and more!







What our customers think...
"Tim is meticulous in cleaning my M440i. I am thrilled with the attention to detail and also care. Most detailers typically rush the job to ensure effective cost reductions related to time & product usage. Not Tim! He will ensure the car is looking showroom quality and works even through the night. I will be referring other friends and look forward to him maintaining my vehicles."

David, Chino

Black Modern Car

Car Care Resources

Curious about Ceramic Coatings?

Here are some Basics.

Image by Samuel-Elias Nadler

How To Properly Wash A Car.

Cleaning with Soap
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